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Scrape real estate data

Scrape real estate Data

Extraction of real estate data might include information such as homes for sale, foreclosures, or mortgage records. Sites containing this type of data can be scraped on a frequent basis so as to ensure that the very latest information is available. Scraping county record web sites for documents such as deeds or mortgages could also include downloading the actual scanned documents as PDF files.

We provide an example scrape that will extract real estate data from the Trulia web site. To try it just follow the steps below.

To use the Trulia scrape:

  1. If you haven't already, download and install screen-scraper.
  2. Download the scraping session using the button on the right.
  3. Import the scraping session into screen-scraper.
  4. Modify the search keywords for the scraping session by editing the "Trulia--set parameters" script.
  5. Run the scraping session. In screen-scraper's "output" folder (within the directory where screen-scraper is installed) you'll find a "trulia.csv" file containing the downloaded data.