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Scrape Store Location Data

Aside from collecting data within industries such as real estate and finance, other common uses of screen-scraping include:

  • Collecting government records
  • Competitive pricing
  • Business intelligence
  • Data migration from legacy systems
  • Monitoring social media sites
  • Analyzing travel pricing trends
  • Automating insurance quotes
  • Creating mobile versions of web sites

Yet another common use is collecting all store locations for a given business. As an example of this, you can download a scrape that will extract post office location data from the US Postal Service web site. To use it just follow the steps below.

To use the USPS scrape:

  1. If you haven't already, download and install screen-scraper.
  2. Download the scraping session using the button on the right.
  3. Import the scraping session into screen-scraper.
  4. Modify the search keywords for the scraping session by editing the "USPS--set parameters" script.
  5. Run the scraping session. In screen-scraper's "output" folder (within the directory where screen-scraper is installed) you'll find a "usps.csv" file containing the downloaded data.