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Scrape medical data

Scrape Medical Data

Web sites for medical insurance providers will generally publish information such as plans, networks, and providers they work with. This information can be extracted and downloaded to a database or spreadsheet, facilitating offline analysis. It also allows information to be compared and searched across web sites, which may save time, for example, in searching for specific providers independent of the plans they honor.

We provide an example scrape that will extract medical provider information from the Health Plan of San Joaquin web site. To try it out just follow the steps below.

To use the Health Plan of San Joaquin scrape:

  1. If you haven't already, download and install screen-scraper.
  2. Download the scraping session using the button on the right.
  3. Import the scraping session into screen-scraper.
  4. Run the scraping session. In screen-scraper's "output" folder (within the directory where screen-scraper is installed) you'll find a "health_plan_of_san_joaquin.csv" file containing the downloaded data.